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Presentation of the project "Живая вода"

    VitaWater – is the largest portal on aquarium and terrarium keeping and backyard ponds in the Russian language segment of the Internet.
    – The fullest on-line encyclopedia on aquarium fish, their food, medical care, plants, drochemistry, aquarium design, equipment, etc;
    – Unique original papers and material on the most important issues;
    – Vivid forum and blogs of experienced aquarium keepers;
    – Internet store with the richest assortment of products for aquarium and terrarium keeping and backyard ponds maintenance with delivery all over Russia
    – Review of original periodic publications and books on aquariums, terrariums, and backyard ponds.

For whom we do it?

    Of course, for our visitors – the lovers of aquariums and their dwellers, for the owners of terrariums and backyard ponds.
    To them we offer the highest quality product in this segment of the Internet.

Portal statistics

    The monthly audience of the Internet-portal "VitaWater" is about 300.000 people (according to SpyLog). It is more than the sum of circulations of all publications in the whole zoobusiness.


    Number of visitors grows every month. Number of page views of the Internetportal has already exceeded 2.000.000 per month (according to SpyLog and Top.mail.ru).


    All our regular audience will not be able to fit even the biggest stadium in the Spain - Nou Camp. There just will not be enough place for everyone!!!

Nou Camp

Geography of the "Vita Water" portal audience

Geography of countries

Geography inside Russia

Demography of the "Vita Water" portal




    – Banner adds in various formats on the main and inner pages of the site;
    – writing about significant events, product reviews, production of videos;
    – including advertising information in the weekly newsletter for subscribers of the Internetportal;
    – сompetitions and organization of seminars in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation;
    – special projects for advertising.

Thank you for your attention!

    We will be glad to answer any questions and to help you in organization of effective for you advertising campaign!

    Division for Advertising of the Internet-portal "Vita Water"

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