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New "Le' Murrr": super products for pets, and entertainment for the whole family

    The first in St. Petersburg hypermarket for animals of the "Le'Murrr" brand was opened 3 June, in the shopping mall "Garden City" in Lahta.

    This is not just a new store, but a real giant (1100 square meters!). There are no stores of that size specializing in zoological products, in our city. Two floors of the hypermarket house a huge, far more extensive than in other St. Petersburg stores, range of products for animals.

From the leash to zoofobas

    The last poll demonstrated at home most of our fellow citizens keep cats (29% – mongrels, 8% – pure-bred), slightly fewer – dogs (19% – mongrels, 11% – pure-bred), even less – aquarium fish (4%), birds (3 %), and various small animals (2%). It is not surprising that pet owners will find here everything they wish – from food to toys, from clothing to means of care. Summer collection of dog clothing is on sale now; later on we plan to change the collection. Customers can pick out interesting accessories for small dogs; today it is a popular hobby in St. Petersburg. Our plans include opening the grooming salon with professional cosmetics Legi Artis Maste.

    However, regardless the animal "popularity rating", the owners of any, even of the rarest of beasts, will find here everything their favorites need. For example, reptiles are very demanding to maintenance conditions, the fact that subdued the interest in keeping these exotic animals. Hoever, modern equipment allows creating an habitual environment for every species. In "Le’ Murrr" terrarium keepers can purchase not only special equipment, but also live food – from crickets to zofobos for the dessert.

To the mini-zoo – on a tour and for shopping

    If you only start keeping an eye on reptiles, amphibians or other exotic creatures, here you will see quite a few to choose from: iguanas and geckos, chameleons and caimans, frogs and snakes, spiders, and chinchillas, not to mention mice, rats, hamsters and other rodents. A record (for St. Petersburg) number of pet birds has been collected in this mini-zoo: cockatoos, Grey African Parrot, macaws, etc. – about 15 species overall. Besides, in a large aquarium stand placed in the store, the beginners as well as experienced aquarists will find a lot of interesting things.

    Every piece of equipment in this store was designed and manufactured specifically for animals to be comfortable to live in, and for visitors and buyers – to watch the creatures. Even such detail as the right lighting is taken into account: special lamps simulate sunlight. You can simply enjoy this "wild" splendor. The success of the mini-zoo, especially for children's audience, is guaranteed. And if you recognize your next pet, you can just buy, concurrently getting a qualified advice on the peculiarities of the species biology and problems of keeping.

Enjoy fish splashing in the pond

    A small pond with amazing goldfish and Koi carps, (up to 30 centimeters in length!) is the highlight of the hypermarket. There is hardly another place in the city you find something similar. A Japanese colored carp, renowned worldwide as a "King of the Pond" can reach 80 centimeters in length; it is famous for having more than 100 color varieties. This "royal" fish has plenty of admirers around the world; some fans pay up to 250 000 Euros for the certain individuals at the international championships! By the way, at our Northwest Koi feels quite well. It is not that difficult to organize a pond as many people think. Nowadays there exist technologies, which allow not only arranging a comfortable environment for aquatic inhabitants, but even providing them with normal wintering conditions.

    If you are enchanted with the beauty of a man-made water basin, and got inspired by the idea of creating such a miracle at your country house, at the "Le’ Murrr" store you will find everything needed for the realization of the dream: equipment, fish, plants, and special food. A comprehensive approach also includes the development of service in case in future you have problems with appliances or pets. A recreation area for visitors is set up around the pond: on a bench under a cozy lantern one can relax and forget everyday worries while watching amazing underwater life and enjoying the exquisite beauty of wonderful fish.

Pets are welcome

    The hypermarket "Le’ Murrr" plans to sell veterinary medicines in future; a veterinary doctor will be on duty to orient the owners in the matters of proper nutrition of animals. This is the continuation of traditions that have emerged in the "Le' Murrr" store chain where competent counseling has become a sort of "a chip". We intend also eventually start offering related products with pictures of animals, such as handbags, souvenirs, interior items. Such a trend might have a success, because the owners like to surround themselves with all sorts of images of their pets. Another important point: you always can bring any pet with you – whether you want to buy new clothes for your favorite dog that exactly fits, or you are on the way to dacha with your Barsik-the-cat grabbing a few treats for him, or you never leave your beloved ferret at home. Don’t worry, come to the store together!

Non-stop discounts; free transportation

    All price segments – from budget to super premium, for the products for animals currently available on the market, are represented in the Lahta store. "At the same time, we plan to keep an average for St.Petersburg price level," – the chief of the retail department, Catherine Boitsova, says. Buyers will be indulged incessantly: well-known brands will advertise their products by promotion sales, and discounts from certain manufacturers promise to become permanent. Such a non-stop marathon is an interesting, informative, and quite a profitable idea for our buyers.

    Hypermarket "Le'Murrr" is open daily from 10 am to 21 pm. Getting to the store is not a problem. For those arriving by car, convenient parking is awaiting. For those commuting by public transportation, a free shuttle bus brings citizens from the underground stations "Old Village" and "Black River." Fascinating world of nature is now located in the zone accessible for everyone in St. Petersburg.


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